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Strategies and priorities around ESG are rapidly evolving - and are considered by many to be a game-changing shift for companies. Businesses and nonprofits alike are working overtime to stay on top of these changes, while also managing the quickly changing expectations of stakeholders.

ESG has long been viewed as a risk management concept for companies - but what if it also holds opportunities and solutions to some of today’s most pressing corporate challenges?


Next Stage believes that when nonprofit idealism and expertise is paired with business acumen and resources, it creates a partnership that resonates with all of our stakeholders and fuels real community change. 


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Profit & Purpose: The ESG Addendum will break down:

  • The evolution of CSR and ESG - and what that means for your business

  • How focusing on your ‘External S’ - or an external-facing impact strategy - will yield impact inside and outside your company’s walls 


  • Practical steps for defining and measuring an impact strategy that fuels community change and gives you the data to back it up

About Next Stage: 


The current set of challenges for many business and nonprofit leaders are unprecedented and overwhelming – workforce changes, the impacts of the pandemic and social change.


For companies, Next Stage believes that the social impact efforts that already exist within their walls offer low-cost, high impact solutions to many of these challenges. We help purpose-focused business leaders build, leverage and expand social good efforts to build positive company culture, improve the bottom line and create a next generation workforce – all while making significant community impact.


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