Here's what to expect:


Social Strategy Alignment

Discover how companies are putting the 'S' in ESG, how they are evolving their impact strategy and practical tips for engaging employees and telling your story. 


Impact Reporting 

How to measure and report impact is a hot topic! Each month you'll get an example of a strong impact report, demonstrations of theories of impact and learn how companies are communicating their impact publicly. 


Community Voice

Community voice is a mainstay that should be activated across impact strategies. Learn how companies are elevating the voices of both internal and external stakeholders to create highly effective impact that resonates. 



News & Trends

Corporate impact is constantly evolving. We'll pull together a list of the latest news and trends that makes it easy for you to stay up to date and look smarter at your next meeting! 


About Next Stage: 


The current set of challenges for many business and nonprofit leaders are unprecedented and overwhelming – workforce changes, the impacts of the pandemic and social change.


For companies, Next Stage believes that the social impact efforts that already exist within their walls offer low-cost, high impact solutions to many of these challenges. We help purpose-focused business leaders build, leverage and expand social good efforts to build positive company culture, improve the bottom line and create a next generation workforce – all while making significant community impact.


Interested in how we can help? Reach out to us to learn more: [email protected]