Cocoa & Chocolate Processing 

22-26 May 2023

The Cocoa and Chocolate introduction will give you unique insight into the world of processing chocolate and cocoa. The training combines theoretical sessions on cocoa and chocolate in the morning and hands-on training with the machines and the product in the afternoon. There will be plenty of variation to keep you occupied. Put your knowledge to the test with actual Royal Duyvis Machinery.  As an added bonus,  taste bud stimulation will be included in the training.

  Topics include


The history of the cocoa bean​

You will learn about the historical development and usage of the cocoa bean, the origin of beans, practical and pre-processing


The first phase of cocoa processing​

This section addresses the bean intake, roasting the beans or nibs, and the breaking & winnowing process



Processing the beans​

Cocoa sterilizing is an important phase in the process, but also taste components via alkalizing and the theory behind grinding lines will be discussed


Press and beyond​

The press is the Royal Duyvis Wiener masterpiece, but what happens to the product after the press? This segment also includes the processing of the end products; butter treatment and cake grinding


Chocolate: past, present and future

Learn all about the history of chocolate through the years. How did ingredients and recipes evolve over the years and what are the future trends


Chocolate processing​

What makes the best chocolate? It’s not just the ingredients, but also the process. In this course we touch upon mixing and refining. We also talk about the flavor heart of every chocolate factory: the conche


  About the training... 

Participant fee €3950,-


* discounts apply when booking 2 slots or more


Services include:

- Course documentation

- Refreshments and       lunch

- Team dinner 2nd day




Roy Smith 
Manager Technology Center

Roy Smith trained at the Van Hall Institute in Food Science and Technology and has a longstanding career in the cocoa and chocolate industry. After roles at key players in the industry, e.g. Verkade, Barry Callebaut and Olam, Roy joined Royal Duyvis Wiener in 2016 as lead Food Technologist. 

Target audience 

Starting Food Technologist and Chocolatiers in the cocoa and chocolate processing industry 

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