Advancements in Airborne Ultrasound Seal Inspection for Medical Device Packaging:  A Performance Evaluation!

Free ON-DEMAND webinar on Airborne Ultrasound Seal Inspection for Medical Device Packaging.


Meet the Presenters 

Oliver, Stauffer, CEO of PTI


Tyler Harris,

BD Application Engineering Manager of PTI 

This 1 hour webinar (including Q&A) will cover the following topic:


The integrity of seals in medical device packaging is critical to ensuring product safety and efficacy. Traditional inspection methods have limitations in detecting subtle defects that may compromise seal integrity.


This presentation explores the performance capabilities of airborne ultrasound seal inspection technology, a non-destructive sensory technology to assure the safety of porous and flexible packaging. 


The presentation will focus on medical device package applications but applies to all flexible barrier package materials.


Topics will include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Application versatility
  • Configurations
  • Sensor automation

The full measurement capability that the sensor provides

The integration of advanced signal processing algorithms and machine learning techniques enhances the performance of airborne ultrasound inspection systems, enabling automated defect classification and real-time decision-making. 


This presentation highlights the significant advancements in airborne ultrasound seal inspection technology and its transformative impact on ensuring the integrity and safety of medical device packaging. By leveraging its superior performance capabilities, manufacturers can enhance quality assurance practices and mitigate potential risks associated with seal defects, ultimately safeguarding patient health and regulatory compliance.


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