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Cybersecurity and Third Party Risk

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET (1-Hour Webinar)

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About the Session:

The velocity of ransomware and hacking on corporations and nonprofits continues to grow.  Most recently, the UnitedHealthcare and AT&T hacks released millions of personal data to organized crime and nation states. Hacking is interrupting supply chains in the Red Sea and impacting the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Third party hacks are increasingly part of the problem. How boards and corporations handle these incidents is under scrutiny.


In addition, the regulatory environment is heating up. The SEC has released guidelines for boards to require more knowledge, board briefings and detailed reporting on cyber incidents, as well as other risks. Current policies and procedures need to be reviewed to insure there is proper oversight by the board and management. The lawsuit against the CISO of Solar Winds is an alert for boards to also consider, and review, cyber insurance policies including what can or cannot be said in public about security practices. What do boards need to know, and what should they be doing, now?


The Board Risk Committee (BRC) webinar for May 21 from 11-12 am ET, will cover what boards need to know about emerging cybersecurity issues, the regulatory environment, problems with third party vendors and suppliers and best practices for incident response as well as building the right oversight team.


Our guests for the May 21, 2024 webinar, Cyber Insights for Boards, are Lynn Terwoerds and Caroline Keating McGlynn. Lynn is a corporate board director, Audit Committee Chair and Risk Committee member, advisor to start-ups on cybersecurity, former cybersecurity and risk executive for large global companies, and author of the recent Board Risk Report, Cyber Risk in the Context of Vendor Risk Management. Caroline is currently Global Head of IR Business Development for Incident Response for Booz Allen Hamilton Consulting, a former cybersecurity executive for SentinelOne, a prosecutor for the city of Philadelphia and youngest Bureau Chief in its history, and law partner at Fox Rothschild, LLP. 


Catherine Allen, Founder and Chair of the BRC, will moderate. We believe you will walk away from this webinar with insights and questions for management, as well as ideas for policy changes. Please join us May 21st at 11am EST.


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