Press expert training 

12-14 April, 2023

The cocoa press is the heart of each cocoa processing factory. This expert session will show you the tricks of trade of the pressing process. From a tour in the factory to see which components build the press, to actual testing and operating  in the Technology Center, this expert session will cover all elements of the press process. Who better to learn from than the experts who developed and designed the Royal Duyvis Wiener press. 

  Topics include


Cocoa and nut processing basics

The course starts with a quick recap of the cocoa and nut processing industry. Where is the press positioned in the processing flow? Why is the pressing process referred to as the heart of any processing factory?


Managing the inflow – cocoa mass and liquor

Even a machine as impressive as the press needs the right input to produce output as envisioned. What are the requirements of the incoming product and what happens when these requirements are not met?



Press process and results

Unraveling the secrets of the pressing process. How can we best control the process and what influences the end product? Learn from the experts about the theory behind the optimal pressing process and put that knowledge into practice.



Cocoa Press maintenance

Make sure your press is up & running and producing at capacity according to plan. How do you recognize the red flags signaling that maintenance is needed? This course lets you experience maintenance hands-on.


How it’s made!

Take a tour of the Royal Duyvis Wiener factory and witness how the Duyvis Press is manufactured with your own eyes. The specialist press engineer will take you through all the technical highlights of the machine.


  About the training... 

Participant fee €2350,-


* discounts apply when booking 2 slots or more


Services include :

- Course documentation

- Refreshments and   lunch

- Team dinner 2nd day



Roy Smith 
Manager Technology Center

Roy Smith trained at the Van Hall Institute in Food Science and Technology and has a longstanding career in the cocoa and chocolate industry. After roles at key players in the industry, e.g. Verkade, Barry Callebaut and Olam, Roy joined Royal Duyvis Wiener in 2016 as lead Food Technologist. 

Target audience  

Starting Food Technologist and Chocolatiers in the cocoa and chocolate processing industry 

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