Taste the ingredient trend 

3-5 October 2023

The world of chocolate is always in motion. To help you stay ahead of the curve this course discusses all relevant trends in the food & beverage industry and which new ingredients come with these trends. You will learn about the challenges that some of those ingredients bring and practice hands-on in our Technology Center. Everything you need to keep your delicious signature chocolate on trend

  Topics include


Past & Future trends


Never a dull moment in the fast moving world of food & beverage. Learn about the trend in chocolate past, present and future. What are your future consumers expecting and how does that relate to your product?


New ingredients in chocolate

New trends and developments also drive new ingredients to be trailed and tested in chocolate. Stay ahead of the curve and see what is the latest in ingredient development in chocolate. And how that affects your processing



Create and execute recipes ​

How do these new ingredients work in your products? Use the expertise of food technology team to set up your own new ingredient recipe and use the 2000 sqm pilot plant as your own high-tech playground.


Explore the ingredient limitations

Replacing ingredients in your recipe always comes with complications, whether it’s replacing sugar, fat, or dairy. And not just in the taste and structure of your end product, but also during chocolate processing. Let’s discuss what we already know.

  About the training... 

Participant fee €3150,-


* discounts apply when booking 2 slots or more


Services include:

- Course documentation

- Refreshments and lunch

- Team dinner 2nd day




Roy Smith 
Manager Technology Center

Roy Smith trained at the Van Hall Institute in Food Science and Technology and has a longstanding career in the cocoa and chocolate industry. After roles at key players in the industry, e.g. Verkade, Barry Callebaut and Olam, Roy joined Royal Duyvis Wiener in 2016 as lead Food Technologist. 

Target audience 

Starting Food Technologist and Chocolatiers in the cocoa and chocolate processing industry 

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