Livecast: A journey of executive functions and nutrition: A Connected Club member's story


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20th September, 1pm - 2pm BST


Join us for another live podcast recording as resident psychologist, Casey Anley, chats with one of our longstanding, treasured Connected Club members. Cecilia will be sharing her journey with discovering her ADHD diagnosis and how she found Connections in Mind, as well as her exploration into the world of food to support her well-being.

We will be diving into:

  • An ADHD diagnosis experience, and discovery of the Connected Club
  • An 'AHA moment' - Cecilia's uncovering of the extent of the connection between nutrition and ADHD
  • A journey through small tweaks in food and big changes in mood, ADHD symptoms and general well-being
  • How Cecilia keeps up with this new lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal story of one person's journey with their diagnosis and nutrition. This podcast is not intended to substitute nutritional advice from a healthcare professional. 

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