Download the Article: 7 Trends to Watch

Like many other fields, corporate social responsibility is rapidly evolving due to recent culture-shifting events, as well as the growing influence of Millennial and Gen Z employees and consumers. As a result, it can be confusing to understand what’s coming next and how to identify how your company can leverage social impact to make your brand stronger. 

We're hoping the insights that follow will help. 

Based on a year of research and conversations with business leaders and CSR professionals, Next Stage has compiled a list of trends that we are watching over the next year. 


In this article you'll learn:

  • The corporate social impact trends that savvy companies are watching over the coming year
  • How the CSR sector is evolving to meet changing employee and consumer needs
  • How nonprofit and CSR partnerships are will continue to evolve to strengthen companies, stabilize nonprofits and build better community impact. 

About Next Stage: 


The current set of challenges for many business and nonprofit leaders are unprecedented and overwhelming – workforce changes, the impacts of the pandemic and social change.


For companies, Next Stage believes that the social impact efforts that already exist within their walls offer low-cost, high impact solutions to many of these challenges. We help purpose-focused business leaders build, leverage and expand social good efforts to build positive company culture, improve the bottom line and create a next generation workforce – all while making significant community impact.


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