What is VRpatients? 


VRpatients is a cost-effective, no-coding-required, virtual and web-based platform that empowers the Nurse Educator to build an unlimited number of patient scenarios. 


Your subscription to VRpatients includes:

  • 20 pre-built BLS/ALS patient scenarios.


  • Unlimited case duplication and scenario editing to teach your way.


  • White-glove support, customer success onboarding, and scenario logic training for Nurse Educators.


  • Clinic, emergency department, and hospital inpatient environments.


  • Medical scenarios that challenge critical thinking skills. 


  • Trauma moulage from bruises and burns to amputations and avulsions. 


  • Diverse avatars that represent a realistic patient population.


  • A medication list that is accurate to the milligram.


  • Objective grading that meets all accreditation standards. 


  • Accessibility via a traditional web-browser OR an immersive VR headset.


  • Asynchronous or in-person learning.


  • Integrates with your LMS. 


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