Container Closure Integrity Testing of Vials: To -80°C and beyond!



Free on-demand webinar on

CCI of vials at ultra-cold storage conditions. 

Meet the Presenter

Jeff Morrow-Lucas

Product Manager,

Helium Solutions


This 30-minute webinar (including Q & A) covers the following topics:


Are you working with pharmaceutical products that require deep cold storage? Studies have shown that deep cold storage temperatures can introduce risk to the container closure integrity (CCI) of vials traditionally used to fill sterile pharmaceutical products. 


This webinar discusses the effects of deep cold storage at -80°C and beyond on the CCI of sterile vials.


Key takeaways for attendees:

  • The reasons behind why leak testing at ultra-cold temperature conditions is required.
  • What are the challenges associated with CCI testing at cold temp conditions?
  • Helium technology in support of package development & package integrity profile.
  • A review of the Helium test equipment setup needed to ensure CCI of product requiring deep cold storage as well as the supporting test methodology.
  • Case studies with supporting data on CCI of products requiring deep cold storage will be presented.

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Packaging Technologies & Inspection

PTI offers inspection systems for package leak testing, seal integrity and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM standards. PTI's inspection technologies are deterministic test methods that produce quantitative test result data. We specialize in offering the entire solution including test method development and equipment validation.