Visual Productions, based in The Netherlands, designs and manufactures controllers for the installation and architectural lighting industry. Their software applications and hardware devices are designed with a strong emphasis on usability, resulting in versatile and easy-to-use lighting control products.


Below, you will find information about the Visual Productions line of products, as well as some additional resources. These products are now available from ACT Entertainment. Please use the link at the bottom of this email to contact us, and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have, or to purchase these products.




Encolor T10

The Encolor T10 is a non-programmable wall mount glass touch DMX controller for small, basic, single zone permanent installations. Its stylish design and clear layout make it shine in any residential, hospitality or other environment. Featuring a clean glass surface, haptic engine and colour changing selection wheel, Encolor T10 facilitates easy and secure color selection of DMX luminaires.

  • Supported personalities: I, CW, WC, RGB, RGBW
  • Personality selection through dip switches on rear
  • DMX start address 001 (fixed)
  • RGB LED lit color selection wheel, showing RGB, intensity, tunable white and white-mix
  • Last color memory
  • Favorite color memory
  • Haptic engine
  • Fits on any standard gang box
  • Power in/DMX out Phoenix terminal
  • Power consumption 9-24V DC 500mA
  • 12V DC/1A power supply included
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS, UKCA, FCC


The PoeSwitch is an unmanaged network switch featuring 4 Power-over-Ethernet ports. It is the perfect companion for connecting and powering Visual Productions controllers in a small to medium size lighting control system. The installer-friendly DIN-rail format allows for perfect integration in DIN-rail system enclosures. It matches the design of the other Visual Productions DIN-rail products.

  • Unmanaged DIN-rail network switch
  • Plug and play with no configuration required
  • 4× 10/100 Mbps RJ45 PoE ports
  • 1× 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 uplink port
  • IPv4/IPv6 QoS (Quality of Service) support
  • Works with IEEE 802.3af compliant PD
  • PoE budget: 60 Watts - typical 1@15,4W each per port
  • Power consumption 60W max./1,02W standby
  • Dimensions: 104x105x60 mm (4.09x4.16x2.36 inch)
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS, UKCA, FCC
  • Power supply HDR-100-48 optional


The B-Station2 is a wall-mount button panel with 6 pushbuttons. It can remote control the CueCore, DaliCore, IoCore or LPU-2. The buttons have a RGB light-ring and can provide visual feedback, for example, to indicate the selected cue or active show. Multiple units can be networked together.


The B-Station2 fits European and North American gang boxes. Easy to wall-mount, even when no gang box is available. The B-Station2 contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is sufficient for small architectural projects.

6 Push-Buttons

The buttons are lit by RGB LEDs. There is complete freedom in choosing which function is assigned to the buttons.


Stand-Alone Controller

Control small architectural installations standalone with the inbuilt lighting controller for 32 fixtures and 6 zones, including FX Generator.


Control AV equipment

B-Station2 speaks many protocols that are popular in systems integration. Compatible with equipment like media players and show control.


Multi Protocol

Support for various protocols including DMX- 512 and Ethernet based protocols such as Art- Net, sACN, UDP & OSC.


Power over Ethernet

This device is conveniently powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet). No separate power supply is needed. The B-Station2 uses PoE Class I.



The CueCore3 is the flagship lighting controller for the most demanding architectural lighting projects. Equipped with a powerful CPU and large flash memory, this CueCore offers extensive programming possibilities in terms of playbacks, recordings and automation.

The CueCore3 is supported by the Purple Cloud, a remote management platform that allows users to remotely monitor, troubleshoot and reprogram the devices.

16 Playbacks

The additional playbacks offers flexibility in implementing the project requirements and makes it easy to control more zones.


6 GB memory

6 GB of memory is available for external DMX recording. This memory size allows extensive recording of pixel heavy DMX shows.


Purple Cloud

Connect to the Purple Cloud and get real-time monitoring or remote control. This makes it possible to diagnose and fix problems remotely.



The DMX ports on the CueCore3 are RDM compatible, enabling RDM commissioning and monitoring the status of your RDM fixtures.


Fast web interface

The CueCore3 is equipped with an intuitive and real-time web GUI. Make all functions available without the need to install special software.



The CueCore2 is a 1,024 DMX channel lighting controller for permanent installations. The device is completely solid state, with no moving parts. It is an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a minimal power consumption.


All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web interface. Each CueCore2 includes a 2-universe licsence for the CueluxPro software.

Stand-Alone Playback

Simultaneous playback of dynamic DMX shows or static lighting scenes. They can be recorded from DMX, Art-Net, sACN or CueluxPro.


Show Control

Events can be triggered via weekdays, date, time, sunrise, sunset, DMX, Art-Net, sACN, HTML, TCP, UDP and OSC.



Trigger events or synchronise playback by timecode. Both units support Art-Net, CueCore2 also features SMPTE and MTC.


MIDI (CueCore2 only)

IN and OUT port supporting MIDI, MSC and MMC. Incoming messages can be used to trigger functions within the CueCore2.


GPI (CueCore2 only)

The GPI port features 4 dry contact-closures, which can trigger any event within the CueCore2. The ports can also be set to 0-10V level input.



The QuadCore is a solid-state lighting controller that features 2,048 DMX channels across 4 DMX outputs. The onboard flash memory allows for storing DMX shows.


The QuadCore includes a 4-universe license of CueluxPro. Larger universe numbers are achieved by stacking more QuadCores. Targeted at channel hungry projects that typically involve pixel mapping, the QuadCore reduces the cost per DMX universe.


The units are constructed without any moving part or forced cooling. Data is securely stored in onboard flash. Designed for maximum reliability.


Internal Clock

The internal clock is used for scheduling events based on time, date or weekday. NTP is supported for synchronising with an external server.



Multiple Cores can easily be used together. Only the master needs to have its triggers programmed, the slaves will follow in sync.


Ethernet-DMX node

The devices can also function as a 2- or 4-universe bi-directional Ethernet to DMX node. It supports Art-Net, sACN and KiNet.


DMX Merging

The QuadCore can merge incoming data from DMX, Art-Net and sACN. The merging behaviour can be determined by setting the HTP or Priority



The IoCore2 is an expansion module in the product family of solid-state lighting controllers. It offers interfacing to digital and analogue inputs and digital outputs and supports various other protocols that are common in lighting and show control.


The compact and versatile IoCore2 is the ideal expansion for the CueCore and QuadCore in projects that demand more IO. Furthermore, IoCore2 is equally well suited for stand-alone IO interfacing or working together with any third-party show control system.


The eight GPI ports can be configured as digital contact-closures, or as analog 0-10V level inputs ideal for sensors.



The IoCore2 features eight GPO ports. These ports are relays for creating pulses on contactclosures or switching external equipment.



The bi-directional serial port allows integration with legacy equipment. RS-232 can be used for triggering and conversions.



The DMX port is switchable between input and output. It can be used for conversion (e.g. GPI- >DMX) or triggering (e.g. DMX->RS-232).


DIN Rail

The desktop IoCore can be easily mounted on a DIN rail by using the optional DIN rail mount adapter.



The DaliCore is an application lighting controller that supports DALI, DT-6 and DT-8. An ideal solution for a stand-alone DALI installation as the DaliCore takes care of the commissioning and daily control of the DALI fixtures.


Featuring a bi-directional DMX port, the DaliCore is capable of controlling hybrid systems containing both DALI and DMX luminaries.


Control up to 64 DALI fixtures including DT-8 and interact with DALI actuators and sensors. Commission fixtures, set addresses and groups.



Control DMX fixtures, use DMX to trigger DALI scenes or convert between DMX and DALI.



Discover RDM capable DMX fixtures and set their starting addresses remotely. RDM sensor readings are displayed in the web-GUI.



The GPI port features 4 dry contact-closures, which can trigger any event within the DaliCore. The ports can also be set to 0-10V level input.



Plug into the ethernet network and extend the DaliCore by connecting to B-Station, CueCore, IoCore or Kiosc.



Entertainment shows and themed environments require show-disciplines like sound, lighting, video, animatronics and pyrotechnics to be synchronised.


The TimeCore is a one-stop toolbox for timecode; it is a reliable device for generating, following and converting various timecode protocols; both traditional protocols like SMPTE and MTC as well as new Ethernet-based protocols.


A large LED display gives a real-time readout on the current timecode frame. The timecode can also be monitored via the web-interface.



The TimeCore can be set to be a timecode master, generating a stable timecode signal. The device can also be set as a timecode slave.



The TimeCore is capable of converting between any of the SMPTE, MTC and Art-Net timecode protocols and frame-rate.




The RdmSplitter is an optically isolated splitter designed to help tackle the inconvenient limitations of the DMX 512 protocol. The splitter takes a DMX signal and sends it out again on its 6 DMX output ports allowing a star-topology for efficient cable usage. Each output port is capable of driving 32 more devices. The splitter can also function as a signal booster as each port supports another 300 meter long connection. The RdmSplitter features RDM compatibility. The RDM protocol provides two-way communication over a DMX infrastructure. It enables automatic addressing and allows fixtures to provide status information back to the lighting controller.



The DmxMerger is a tool for combining signals from multiple lighting controllers into a single DMX network. Up to six different DMX signals can be merged together. How the DMX signals are merged together depends on the merging strategy. The DmxMerger offers three different strategies amongst its six inputs: LTP, HTP and Priority.



Kiosc enables to create custom touch screen user interfaces for Visual Productions’ controllers. Kiosc is designed to have no editing capabilities, making it a foolproof interface that can be safely presented to non-technical operators.


Kiosc is available as a wall-mount touchscreen. It is a plug & play, 7 inch resistive touchscreen with 800x480 resolution. Kiosc Touch uses PoE Class III. The Kiosc App can also be downloaded for your own iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

Custom Logos

Enrich the graphical user interface with your own images such as company logos or project-specific images.


Lighting GUI

Kiosc provides you with a graphical user interface that is perfect for controlling lighting installations.



Kiosc is accompanied by the Kiosc Editor that allows you to easily design custom layouts, including the use of images and logos.



Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad or Android tablet into a powerful lighting console. Easy to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the tablets mobility and multi-touch display. The controller has full support for moving heads, LEDs, conventional lighting and DMX controlled special effects.


The Cuety app requires the LPU-1 or LPU-2. This device is connected via Ethernet and offers a optically isolated DMX-512 port.



The system architecture of the Cuety and LPU is designed for robustness. The LPU contains the engine that runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs. The App is your user-interface.



Cuety adapts the cuelist-based system standard to the

professional lighting industry. You will be programming

your lights according to the same workflow that LDs use

for stadium-size events. Cuety just simplifies it.



An inbuilt FX generator provides you with automatic movements for pan & tilt, various intensity chases and colourful RGB effects. The FX generator can be tweaked by changing its speed, size and phase parameters.



The Cuety Remote is a simple and intuitive app for your iPhone. It allows you to remote control your LPU. You can use it to call up your pre-programmed cues with-out the risk of inadvertently making a change.

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